|* Relationships and strategic partnerships |* Established R&D relationship with

Global Wellness has established a relationships and strategic partnerships with key players:

¡EHealth Fountain UK:

¡VWorld class R&D and product formulation facilities in UK

¡VR&D and world class product manufacturing unit in the USA,

¡VEstablished leaders in whole food supplement

¡EParry¡¦s in India, leaders in Spirulina,

¡ESanat and Nicolas Piramal in India, Leaders in Ayurveda

¡EOMX in Japan, leaders in Probiotics.

¡EIn conjunction with these global best in class suppliers, Global Wellness¡¦ is developing its own proprietary line of whole food Nutritional Supplements and Superfoods, under the Global Wellness name.

Global Wellness works closely with Globex which provides advice and facilitates the registration of products for Hong Kong and other territories.

The scientific association of Globex? provides technical advice to Hong Kong SAR, China and India through workshops and public relationship.
Additionally Global Wellness works with Globex on the formulation and production on new nutritional supplement product lines, ensuring that products meet the needs of global quality and safety standards, consumers expectation as well as regulatory bodies.

Globex Biotech and its associates have established R&D relationship with:

¡EThe University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

¡EHong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong

¡EChinese University, Hong Kong,

¡ECity University, Hong Kong

¡ENational Facility for Marine Cyanobacteria, India

¡ENational Institute of Oceanography, India

¡EGujarat Biotechnology Development Mission, India

¡ESouth China University of Technology, China

¡ESutherland University, UK

¡EOkinawa Agriculture University, Okinawa, Japan